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College of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences

Biochemistry and Medical Genetics

Room 308, Basic Medical Sciences Building

745 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3E 0W3

Office Phone:        (204) 789-3229

Lab Phone:           (204) 789-3805

Fax:                       (204) 789-3900



Our Office

12/18/2017 - Lab Christmas Lunch with Dr. Depeng Jiang Lab

The Hu Lab

Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics


08/13/2015 - Lab Summer Research Retreat and Dinner

11/01/2015 - Attended the 14th Annual CIHR New PI Meeting in Mont Gabriel, Quebec

08/05/2016 - Kaiqiong thesis defence

08/19/2016 - Lab Summer Party

10/17/2016 - 10/22/2016  - Chen Chi was presenting on ASHG 2016 and received 2016 Charles J. Epstein Trainee Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Research – Semifinalist awared by The American Society of Human Genetics.

12/07/2016  - Lab Christmas Lunch Party

05/09/2017  -Svetlana won the “Poster of Distinction” award at American Gastroenterological Association’s (AGA) Digestive Disease Week

06/16/2017  - Chen (Selina) Chi Thesis Defence

08/17/2017  - Farewell party for Dr. Yan Cheng,Nikho Hizon and Rasif Ajwad

09/13/2017  - Rasif Ajwad Thesis Defence

09/17/2017  - The Hu Lab has a team attended Terry Fox Run

12/04/2017  - Md. Mohaiminul Islam Thesis DefenceThesis Defence