The Hu Lab

Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics

Our group develops and applies novel artificial intelligence (mainly deep learning) and large-scale statistical algorithms for various topics related to bioinformatics and statistical genetics. We also collaborate very closely with local, national and international life science scientists and clinicians on different omics projects. We are actively working in the following four research areas.

- Deep Learning and Visual Analytics Algorithms for  Omics Data, Medical Imaging and Electronic Medical Records

- Deep Learning  for  Drug Discovery

- Integrative Analysis Frameworks for Omics Data, Medical Imaging and Electronic Medical Records

- Translational Medicine and Precision Health

Graduate Course: IMED 7280 - Medical Computational Biology

My lab leads the IMED 7280 - Medical Computational Biology Course, which is also named as Health Data Science  course. The course is open to all students in the University of Manitoba and trains graduate students to have skills in R programming, large-scale statistical data analysis, machine learning, visual analytics and genome science.

    - Registered 13 graduate students from 5 departments and two faculties in 2018 Winter term

Examples of the students' comments on the course:

-" I also want to thank you both for teaching this course, while it was a struggle for me at times it was

   definitely worth it!"
- "Thanks again for a great semester! I learned a lot in this course!"
- "Thank-you both for facilitating a great course!"
-" thank you so much for teaching this very useful course."

-"Thank you for designing and running this class, the experience was invaluable."